Monday, April 21, 2014

Sharing Our Love of Reading!

Glitter Words

Last term the Middle students were involved in a project to help answer their rich question - How does belonging to a community contribute to our well being? They visited our local Kindergarten and read to the preschoolers. 
How wonderful that our students were able to read and share stories with their Kinder friends and discover how to give to others in our community in a fun and engaging way. 

Below are some of the reflections that came to the Library blog - thank you to all the Middle students who sent a comment to the blog!

You can read further reflections from the Middles herehere and here.

I also had fun reading to the kinder kids. The kinder kids were so friendly and good at listening. I read 'There's a Hippopotamus On My Roof Eating Cake' and lots of others. Then I did some drawing and ate my brain food with them. I had lots of fun.
Middle V

I liked sharing our favourite books with Indra Kindergarten. 

Hello Bloggers!
I really liked reading to younger kids and it felt really nice.
Bye Bloggers!

From Piers.

My visit to Indra Preschool was really fun and when I chose my book I thought it was a good book for Preschool kids. Reading was so much fun and they looked really interested. I felt really nervous at the start but when I started reading I felt better.
From Zac.

Middle C 

Hi St. Luke's Library. A couple of weeks ago the middles went to Indra preschool to read to the children it was a good experience reading to the children. The children seemed very interested. 
From James.

I loved reading books to the kinder kids. It was awesome how they spot things out in the books. I met lots of new friends. After we read to them we got to play with them outside. Jack and I were pushing lots of kids on the swing I felt like I was back in kinder. I read 'Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge' and Rules of Summer'. I had so much fun
From Cooper T. 
Middle S 

I would like to share what book the kids wanted me to read to them at Indra and what else I did...
1st I met my cousin called Sam.
2nd I had to read fish,life size animals and numbers and community.
3rd I met nick.
I miss Indra and the nice kids .
From Angus.
Middle C

I loved sharing books with the little Indra kiddies. The way I read to them was ...
1.Ii spread out from my friends
2 I chose a book
3 Kids came to me.
I got to learn some words I didn't even know. Firstly I read 'There is a Hippopotamus on My Roof Eating Cake', then I read 'Red is the Best' and then I read 'The Twins'.
I saw a lot of my friends siblings at Indra it was pretty fun.
from Lauren.
Middle C 

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