Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Book Review by Maddy

Maddy has written a book review as a Literacy task and has generously offered to shared it on our Library blog. After reading Maddy's review I have added this book to my list of must reads. When we share our love of books - we invite others on a wonderful adventure! Thank you Maddy.
Hello bloggers! Last year I read an incredible book and it was so good that I thought I might share my review with everyone! The book is titled ‘The Red Pyramid’ by Rick Riordan. 
This book took me away from where I was. I forgot about everything else. This is a great one for those into adventure. It opened up a new way of looking at the world and made me think and wonder. Rick Riordan described every moment as if it was happening at that exact moment. It created pictures in my mind and I could see every moment. It inspired me, gave me ideas and kept me reading. It's really a page turner. I couldn't stop reading it. 
If you find this book anywhere, I really recommend it to you. Once you read this book, could you compare your opinion with mine? 
Did you enjoy it as much as I did?