Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We are very excited to have a new blog to show all the wonderful learning and reading that happens at St. Luke's Library in 2014.

Here are our newly elected Library Leaders who are very eager to help in the Library and spread the love of reading throughout our school. 

'I wanted to be a Library Leader because it is fun working in the Library. I will get to read different books and see different books.'

'I wanted to be a Library Leader because I enjoy helping out in the Library. I enjoy reading and books.'

'I wanted to be a Library Leader because I like books and because I want to help around the Library. I will put books away and help people.'

2014 Library Leaders


  1. Congratulations to this year's Library Leaders! I'm sure they'll have lots of plans. Would you like some book reviews for the library blog?

  2. Thank you Mrs Yore for being the very first person to comment on our blog. We would love to have some book reviews!

  3. It's wonderful to see that St Luke's now has a Library Blog! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the fabulous reading and learning you will be doing in 2014...

    Congratulations to your Library Leaders who I'm sure will share their passion for reading as well as being great helpers and leaders in the Library.

    Happy reading!

    Miss Y :)

  4. Well done on adding to the new Library Blog, looking forward to seeing your posts!! Libraries are interesting places. I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job helping.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  5. It's great to now have a library blog! Our school is getting involved a lot in technology now.
    Which can also mean a lot of people using the internet over books but I find books are easier and more reliable.
    Keep reading everyone! :)


  6. Dear Library Team
    I hope everyone has a go at the PRC
    From Jack P

  7. its good to see people reading. Its the sprit of reading
    From Dylan

  8. Hi library leaders, you look like good library leaders. I hope you enjoy being a library leader.

    from Brandon C

  9. It’s good to read some books because if you’re angry or mad you can read a book. Also you can get a book from the library.
    From Andrew


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